Voice Attorney is a voice-controlled visual novel for the Google Nest Hub and Google Nest Hub Max, created by Bolverk Games.

Ever felt like you could solve the case before the lawyers on TV? Now you can! Go through the evidence, question witnesses, and don't let them finish when they lie: you can interrupt them by shouting "Objection!" and show them exactly how wrong they are!

You are attorney Pax Cooper, defending your clients in four criminal cases. Thankfully, you are not alone: Your competent partner at the law firm, Alex Perkins, will help you as you work with them to examine the evidence, interrogate witnesses, and reconstruct the case.


  • Leverages a full cast of voice actors to breathe emotion and personality into the characters.
  • Has hours of playtime, in what is probably the longest game on the Assistant platform.
  • One of the first narrative-driven visual novels on Google Assistant.
  • Allows you to interrupt while the game is talking to raise objections and call witnesses out on their lies.


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Release announcement
Press release for the launch of Voice Attorney:

About Bolverk Games

Bolverk Games is a VR studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Bygning 16, Carl Jacobsens Vej 16, 2500 København, Denmark

Voice Attorney - Presskit Credits

Jaime Monedero March
Game Director, Lead Designer, Project Manager
Mark Olsen
Morten Brunbjerg
Lead Writer, Freelancer
Frederik Bager
Art Director, Lead Artist
Gertrud J. Agger
Background Artist
Frederik Keglberg
Composer, Sound Designer
Jesper Brun Halfter
Game Designer
Bo Bennekov
Bolverk Games CEO
Recorded at Character Localization and SIDE UK
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